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clubs shows halls for which we have an exact position

Alkborough Coronation Club, Scunthorpe

Appleby Frodingham Works SC, Scunthorpe

Armthorpe Coronation Club, Doncaster

Armthorpe Social Club, Doncaster

Ashby Constitutional Club, Scunthorpe

Ashby Decoy Golf Club, Scunthorpe

Ashby Mill Road Club, Scunthorpe

Ashby Mill Road Club, Scunthorpe

Ashdown Social Club, Scunthorpe

Askern Miners Welfare Club, Doncaster

Babworth Road Sports & Social Club, Retford

Balby Bridge Social (WM) Club, Doncaster

Balby Road Recreational Club, Doncaster

Barnby Dun Social Club, Doncaster

Barrow Squash Club, Barrow upon Humber

Barton Corn Exchange Club, Barton upon Humber

Barton Town Cricket Club, Barton upon Humber

Barton Town Football Club, Barton upon Humber

Bentley North End Sports & Social Club, Doncaster

Bentley Rugby Club, Doncaster

Bentley West End Sports & Social Club, Doncaster

Bentley Working Mens Club (Top Club), Doncaster

Blossom Way Sports & Social Club (Railway Club), Immingham

Boothferry Golf Club, Goole

Brigg & District Servicemens Club, Brigg

Brigg Town Football Club, Brigg

Broughton Working Mens Club, Brigg

Brumby Hall Sports & Social Club, Scunthorpe

Bullcroft (Uncle Toms) Sports & Pastimes Club, Doncaster

Butcher Nook Club, Gainsborough

C&R Sports Bar, Doncaster

Cambridge Social Club (TARDIS), Cleethorpes

Carcroft Club, Doncaster

Carr Lane Social Club, Grimsby

Charter Club, Goole

Cleethorpes Constitutional Club, Cleethorpes

Cleethorpes Cricket Club, Cleethorpes

Cleethorpes Working Mens Club, Cleethorpes

Club 39, Doncaster

Cole Street Sports & Social Club, Scunthorpe

Conisbrough Cricket Club, Doncaster

Coronation Private Members Club, Doncaster

Cromwell Banqueting Suite, Cleethorpes

Cromwell Social Club, Grimsby

Crookhill Golf Club, Doncaster

Crowle Liberal Working Mens Club, Scunthorpe

Cue World , Grimsby

Denaby & Cadeby Miners Welfare, Doncaster

Denaby Main Institute Working Mens Club, Doncaster

Doncaster Catholic Club, Doncaster

Doncaster Comrades Club, Doncaster

Doncaster Golf Club, Doncaster

Doncaster Main Miners Welfare Club, Doncaster

Doncaster Racecourse, Doncaster

Doncaster Rugby Club (The Knights), Doncaster

Doncaster Town Cricket Club, Doncaster

Doncaster Town Moor Golf Club, Doncaster

Doncaster Trades & Labour Club, Doncaster

Edlington Ex Services Club, Doncaster

Edlington Top Club, Doncaster

Fedoras Club (Ferry Road Club), Scunthorpe

Folly Field, Scunthorpe

Foxhills Institute, Scunthorpe

Frodingham Road WM Club, Scunthorpe

Gainsborough Conservative Club, Gainsborough

Gainsborough Liberal Club, Gainsborough

Gainsborough Trinity Supporters Club (The Blues Club), Gainsborough

Gladstone House Social Club, Gainsborough

Goole Conservative Club, Goole

Goole Mariners Club, Goole

Goole Rugby Club, Goole

Goole Town Cricket Club, Goole

Goole Working Mens Club, Goole

Grimsby Golf Club, Grimsby

Grimsby Rugby Club, Grimsby

Grove Mill Snooker Club, Retford

Groves Social Club, Doncaster

Harworth Comrades Social Club, Doncaster

Harworth Miners Welfare Club, Doncaster

Hatfield Main Working Mens Club (Pit Club), Doncaster

Hatfield Woodhouse Club, Doncaster

Hawthorn Social Club, Doncaster

Healing & District Mens Social Club, Grimsby

Hickleton Golf Club, Doncaster

Highfields Miners Welfare Scheme Social Club, Doncaster

Hilltop Social & Recreational Club, Gainsborough

Holme Hall Golf Club, Scunthorpe

Howden Working Mens Club, Goole

Hyde Park Working Mens Club, Doncaster

Immingham Golf Club, Immingham

Intake Social Club, Doncaster

Ivanhoe Working Mens Club, Doncaster

Keadby & Althorpe Working Mens Club, Scunthorpe

Keepmoat Stadium Hospitality, Doncaster

Kingswood Golf Centre, Doncaster

Markham Main Officials Club, Doncaster

New Imperial Club, Cleethorpes

New Rossington Ex-Service Social Club, Doncaster

New Standard Social Club, Grimsby

New Sunnyside Social Club, Cleethorpes

Norton Coronation Club, Doncaster

Old Clee Social Club, Grimsby

Old Goole Working Mens Club, Goole

Park Social Sports Bar (Club), Doncaster

Parklands Sports & Social Club, Doncaster

Pilkington Bowling Club, Doncaster

Polish Social Centre, Scunthorpe

Redbourn Sports & Social Club, Scunthorpe

Retford Bowling Club, Retford

Retford Golf Club, Retford

Retford Masonic Hall, Retford

Retford Rugby Club, Retford

Retford United Football Club, Retford

Riverside Social Venue, Gainsborough

Robert Holme Hall Hospital Sports & Social Club, Scunthorpe

Rossington Labour & Social Club, Doncaster

Rossington Miners Welfare Institute, Doncaster

Royal British Legion Doncaster, Doncaster

Royal British Legion Grimsby, Grimsby

Royal British Legion Waltham, Grimsby

Scawthorpe Social Club, Doncaster

Scunthorpe RAOB Club, Scunthorpe

Scunthorpe Rugby Club (Heslam Park), Scunthorpe

Scunthorpe United Football Club (Glanford Park), Scunthorpe

Skellow Social (Grange) Club, Doncaster

Snaith & District Community Sports Hall, Goole

Solway Club, Immingham

Sprotbrough Country Club, Doncaster

St Bernadettes Social Club, Scunthorpe

St Hughs Centre, Grimsby

Styrrup Hall Golf & Country Club, Doncaster

Swinefleet Social Club, Goole

The Arcadia Club, Goole

The Charter Club, Goole

The Dome, Doncaster

The Emerald Club, Scunthorpe

The Kingsway Club, Cleethorpes

The Old Club, Doncaster

The Pit Club, Doncaster

The Rostholme (Social Club), Doncaster

Thorne Democratic Club, Doncaster

Thorne Golf Club, Doncaster

Thornesians Rugby Club, Doncaster

Tickhill Cricket Club (Pentagon Pavilion), Doncaster

Tickhill Institute, Doncaster

United Services Club, Gainsborough

Victoria Social Club, Doncaster

Victoria Social Club, Goole

Waltham Windmill Golf Club, Grimsby

Warmsworth Cricket Club, Doncaster

Westlands Club, Scunthorpe

Westlands Club, Grimsby

Wheatley Working Mens Club, Doncaster

Winterton Rangers Football Club, Scunthorpe

Winterton Working Mens Club, Scunthorpe

Woodfield Social & Recreational Club, Doncaster

Woodlands Park Club, Doncaster

Woodlands Snooker Club, Doncaster

York Bar Working Mens Club, Doncaster

Yorkshire Main Miners Welfare Club, Doncaster

Yorkshire Main Officials Club, Doncaster

Halls for hire in Barnetby ( DN38 )

Halls for hire in Barrow-upon-Humber ( DN19 )

Halls for hire in Barton-on-Humber ( DN18 )

Halls for hire in Brigg ( DN20 )

Halls for hire in Cleethorpes ( DN35 DN36 DN37 )

Halls for hire in Doncaster ( DN1 DN2 DN3 DN4 DN5 DN6 DN7 DN8 DN9 DN10 DN11 DN12 )

Halls for hire in Gainsborough ( DN21 )

Halls for hire in Goole ( DN14 )

Halls for hire in Grimsby ( DN31 DN32 DN33 DN34 DN41 )

Halls for hire in Immingham ( DN40 )

Halls for hire in Retford ( DN22 )

Halls for hire in Scunthorpe ( DN15 DN16 DN17 )

Halls for hire in Ulceby ( DN39 )

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