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clubs shows halls for which we have an exact position

Ackworth Village Club, Pontefract

Alpha Club, Pontefract

Altofts Working Mens Recreation Club & Institute, Normanton

Alverthorpe Working Mens Club, Wakefield

B & S Sports Club, Pontefract

Balne Lane Working Mens Club, Wakefield

Batley Bulldogs Rugby Club, Batley

Batley Carr Working Mens Club, Dewsbury

Batley Central Club, Batley

Batley Conservative Club, Batley

Batley Irish Democratic League Club (The Nash), Batley

Batley Working Mens Club, Batley

Battyeford Sporting Club, Mirfield

Big Fellas, Pontefract

Brighton Street Working Mens Club, Heckmondwike

Brook House Working Mens Club (New Brookhouse), Wakefield

Brookside Commercial Social Club (The Brooky), Pontefract

Byram Park Social Club, Knottingley

Carlton Social Club, Wakefield

Carr Gate Working Mens Club, Wakefield

Castleford Anglers Club, Castleford

Castleford Liberal Club, Castleford

Castleford Rugby Club, Castleford

Castleford Tigers Rugby Club, Castleford

City of Wakefield Golf Club, Wakefield

Common Road Social Club, Pontefract

Common Road Working Mens Club, Batley

Crigglestone Sports Club, Wakefield

Crigglestone Working Mens Club, Wakefield

Crofton Working Mens Club, Wakefield

Cutsyke Sports & Social Club (ex Working Mens Club), Castleford

Darrington Golf Club, Pontefract

Dewsbury District Golf Club, Mirfield

Dewsbury Irish National League Club, Dewsbury

Dewsbury Rams Rugby Club, Dewsbury

Dewsbury Socialist Club, Dewsbury

Dewsbury Trades & Friendly Club, Dewsbury

Earlsheaton Central Working Mens Club, Dewsbury

East & West Ardsley Social Club, Wakefield

East Ardsley United Cricket Club, Wakefield

Eastmoor Dragons Rugby Club, Wakefield

Edge Top Working Mens Club (Whistling Blackbird), Dewsbury

Featherstone Number 1 Club (Number One - Posh Penguin), Pontefract

Featherstone Rovers Rugby Club (Big Fellas), Pontefract

Featherstone Working Mens Club, Pontefract

Ferrybridge Progressive Club, Knottingley

Flockton Green Club, Wakefield

Frickley Colliery Cricket Club, Pontefract

Fryston Miners Welfare Club, Castleford

Glasshoughton Working Mens Club, Castleford

Green Bowling Club, Castleford

Grove Road Angling Club, Pontefract

Halfpenny Lane Working Mens Club, Pontefract

Hanging Heaton Cricket Club, Batley

Hanging Heaton Golf Club, Dewsbury

Hanging Heaton Working Mens Club, Dewsbury

Harewood & Upton Recreation Club, Pontefract

Hartshead Social Club, Liversedge

Havercroft & Ryhill Sports & Youth Centre, Wakefield

Havercroft Sports & Social Club, Wakefield

Heckmondwike Comrades Club, Heckmondwike

Heckmondwike Sports Club, Heckmondwike

Hemsworth Albion Working Mens Club (Top Hat), Pontefract

Hemsworth Miners Welfare Social Club (Pit Club), Pontefract

Hemsworth Rugby Club, Pontefract

Hemsworth West End Club, Pontefract

Hopetown Liberal Working Mens Club, Normanton

Hopton Mills Cricket Club, Mirfield

Horbury Working Mens Club, Wakefield

Irish National League Club, Dewsbury

Kellingley Miners Welfare Social Club, Knottingley

Kinsley Coronation Working Mens Club, Pontefract

Knottingley Conservative Club, Knottingley

Knottingley Rugby Club, Knottingley

Lightwaves Leisure & Community Centre, Wakefield

Liversedge Cricket Club, Liversedge

Lock Lane Sports Centre, Castleford

Lofthouse Gate Club, Wakefield

Low Laithes Golf Club, Ossett

Lower Hopton Working Mens Club, Mirfield

Lupset Lodge Social Club, Wakefield

Mid Yorkshire Golf Club, Pontefract

Middlestown Working Mens Club, Wakefield

Millbridge Working Mens Club, Liversedge

Mirfield Cricket Club, Mirfield

Moorthorpe Empire Club, Pontefract

Moorthorpe Recreation Club, Pontefract

New Albion House (Middlestown) Working Mens Club, Wakefield

New Carlton Social Club (ex Carlton Haw Hill WMC), Normanton

Normanton & Altofts Comrades Athletic Club (WMC), Normanton

Normanton Conservative Club, Normanton

Norristhorpe Working Mens Club, Liversedge

Northorpe Working Mens Club, Mirfield

Northorpe Working Mens Club, Liversedge

Nostell Miners Welfare Institute, Wakefield

Nuffield Health Fitness & Wellbeing, Wakefield

Old Bank Working Mens Club, Mirfield

Old Sharlston Cricket Club, Wakefield

Ossett Central Club, Ossett

Ossett Cricket & Athletic Club, Ossett

Ossett Railway Club, Ossett

Ossett Rugby Club, Ossett

Ossett Town Football Club, Ossett

Pontefract & District Golf Club, Pontefract

Pontefract Conservative Club, Pontefract

Pontefract Ex-Servicemens Club, Pontefract

Pontefract Masonic Hall, Pontefract

Pontefract Rugby Club, Pontefract

Pontefract Sports & Social Club, Pontefract

Pontefract Squash & Leisure Club, Pontefract

Pretoria Sports & Social Club, Pontefract

Prince of Wales Working Mens Club, Pontefract

Redhill Sports & Social Club, Castleford

Roundhill Club, Castleford

Royal British Legion Castleford, Castleford

Royal British Legion Pontefract, Pontefract

Ryhill Liberal Club, Wakefield

Ryhill Village Social Club, Wakefield

Sandal Rugby Club, Wakefield

Sharlston Rovers Rugby Club, Wakefield

Shaw Cross Club, Dewsbury

Slazenger Sports & Social Club, Wakefield

Snozone Xscape, Castleford

Soothill Working Mens Club, Batley

South Elmsall Village Club (The Tank), Pontefract

South Kirkby Colliery Miners Welfare Social Club, Pontefract

South Kirkby Coronation Club, Pontefract

South Kirkby Cricket Club, Pontefract

St Johns Terrace Working Mens Club, Normanton

St Marys Social Club, Batley

St Paulinus Social Club (Parochial Hall), Dewsbury

Staincliffe Sports & Social Club (Cricket - WMC), Batley

Stanley Rangers Rugby Club, Wakefield

Stanley Rodillians Rugby Club (Manley Park), Wakefield

The Brig (ex Lee Brig Working Mens Club), Normanton

The Frog & Moose, Pontefract

Thornhill Edge Working Mens Club, Dewsbury

Tingley Working Mens Club, Wakefield

Townville Recreational & Sports Club, Castleford

United Services Club, Pontefract

Upper Hopton Cricket Club, Mirfield

Upper Hopton Social Club, Mirfield

Upton United Services Club, Pontefract

Wakefield City (Working Mens) Club, Wakefield

Wakefield Labour Club (The Red Shed), Wakefield

Wakefield Sports Club (College Grove), Wakefield

Wakefield Trinity Wildcats (Cats Bar), Wakefield

Walton Miners Sports & Social Club, Wakefield

Waterton Park Golf Club, Wakefield

West Yorkshire Sports & Social Club, Wakefield

Westborough Ratepayers WM Club, Dewsbury

Westerton Road Working Mens Club, Wakefield

Westgate Common (Working Mens) Club, Wakefield

White Rose Snooker Club, Ossett

Williams Street Sports & Social Club, Castleford

Willow Park Social Club, Pontefract

Woodhouse Hill Working Mens Club, Normanton

Woodkirk Valley Country Club, Dewsbury

York Street Working Mens Club & Institute, Wakefield

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