Social clubs in SE postal area

Including Abbey Wood       Anerley       Blackheath       Brockley       Camberwell       Catford       Charlton       Deptford       Dulwich       East Dulwich       Eltham       Forest Hill       Greenwich       Herne Hill       Kennington       Lee       Lewisham       New Cross       Peckham       Rotherhithe       South Norwood       Sydenham       Thamesmead       Upper Norwood       Walworth       Waterloo       West Norwood       Woolwich      

clubs shows halls for which we have an exact position

Badgers Sports Club, London SE

Baldon Sports & Football Club (Town Academy), Eltham

Bellingham Social Club, London SE

Belvedere Sports & Social Club, London SE

Blackheath & Newbridge Social Club, London SE

Blackheath Hockey Club & Catford Cyphers Cricket Club, London SE

Blackheath Rugby Club, London SE

Brockleians Rugby Club (Brocks Bunker), Eltham

Brockley Social Club, London SE

Butterfly Sports Club, London SE

Catford Constitutional Club, London SE

Catford Cricket & Sports Club, London SE

Catford Soccer Centre, London SE

Catford Wanderers Sports Club, London SE

Charlton Athletic Stadium - Events, London SE

Charlton Conservative Club, London SE

Charlton Liberal Club, London SE

Charlton Park Rugby Club, London SE

Colfeian Sports Club (Old Colfeians), London SE

Croydon Football Club (The Trams), London SE

Croydon Sports Arena, London SE

Dulwich Constitutional Club, London SE

Dulwich Hamlet Football Club, London SE

Dulwich Leisure Centre, London SE

EDF Energy Leisure Club, London SE

Edward Alleyn Club, London SE

Eltham Conservative & Unionist (Woodcroft) Club, London SE

Eltham Hills Club & Institute, London SE

Eltham Town Football Club (The Oaks), London SE

Eltham Warren Golf Club, London SE

Footscray Rugby Club, London SE

Goals Soccer Centre Eltham, London SE

Greenwich Rugby Club, London SE

Greenwich Town Social Club, London SE

Greenwich Yacht Club (GYC), London SE

Griffin Sports Club (Kings Sports Ground), London SE

Hither Green Railwaymens Institute, London SE

Holy Innocents Church, London SE

Horn Park Sports & Social Club, London SE

JAGS Sports Club, London SE

Long Lane Junior Football Club, London SE

Lotus Club, London SE

Lower Sydenham Social Club, London SE

Maybloom Working Mens Club, London SE

Meridian Sports & Social Club, London SE

Metrogas Amateur Sports Association, London SE

New Eltham Social Club & Institute, London SE

Old Alleynian Sports Club, London SE

Peckham Liberal Club, London SE

Penge Conservative Club, London SE

Penge Trade Union Social Club, London SE

Plumstead Common WM Club, London SE

Plumstead Radical Club, London SE

Rochester Social Club, London SE

Royal British Legion SE17, London SE

Royal British Legion SE22, London SE

Royal British Legion SE25, London SE

Royal British Legion SE8, London SE

Royal Naval Association Camberwell (Harvey Hall), London SE

Seven Acre Sports & Social Club, London SE

Shooters Hill Golf Club, London SE

Shooters Hill Rugby Club (Old Shootershillian), London SE

South East London Masonic Hall, London SE

South Norwood & Woodside Social Club, London SE

South Norwood Leisure Centre, London SE

South Norwood Liberal & WM Club, London SE

South Norwood Victory Club, London SE

Southwark Park Club & Institute, London SE

Southwark Sports Bowls & Social Club, London SE

St Dunstans Jubilee Ground, London SE

St Dunstans Sports Club (Private Banks), London SE

STC2 Sports Club, London SE

Streatham & Marlborough Cricket Club, London SE

Surdoc Social Club, London SE

Sydenham Catholic Club, London SE

Temple Bowling Club, London SE

Teviot Rangers Football Club, London SE

Thames Barrier (Greenwich) Yacht Club, London SE

Thamesmead Town Football Club (Sporting Club), London SE

Thamesmere Leisure Centre, London SE

Thamesview Golf Centre, London SE

The Belfry Social Club, London SE

The Coombe Lodge, London SE

The Oval, London SE

The Pavilion Sports & Leisure Club, London SE

The Union Jack Club, London SE

The Wheelshunters Club, London SE

Thomas Tallis Leisure Centre, London SE

Trafalgar Rowing Centre, London SE

Trevor Bailey Sports Club, London SE

Tudor Livesey Memorial Hall, London SE

Wavelength Leisure Centre, London SE

West Lewisham Labour Club, London SE

Whirled Cinema, London SE

Woolwich Catholic Club, London SE

Halls for hire in Abbey Wood ( SE2 )

Halls for hire in Anerley ( SE20 )

Halls for hire in Blackheath ( SE3 )

Halls for hire in Brockley ( SE4 )

Halls for hire in Camberwell ( SE5 )

Halls for hire in Catford ( SE6 )

Halls for hire in Charlton ( SE7 )

Halls for hire in Deptford ( SE8 )

Halls for hire in Dulwich ( SE21 )

Halls for hire in East Dulwich ( SE22 )

Halls for hire in Eltham ( SE9 )

Halls for hire in Forest Hill ( SE23 )

Halls for hire in Greenwich ( SE10 )

Halls for hire in Herne Hill ( SE24 )

Halls for hire in Kennington ( SE11 )

Halls for hire in Lee ( SE12 )

Halls for hire in Lewisham ( SE13 )

Halls for hire in New Cross ( SE14 )

Halls for hire in Peckham ( SE15 )

Halls for hire in Rotherhithe ( SE16 )

Halls for hire in South Norwood ( SE25 )

Halls for hire in Sydenham ( SE26 )

Halls for hire in Thamesmead ( SE28 )

Halls for hire in Upper Norwood ( SE19 )

Halls for hire in Walworth ( SE17 )

Halls for hire in Waterloo ( SE1 )

Halls for hire in West Norwood ( SE27 )

Halls for hire in Woolwich ( SE18 )

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