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Abbeydale Golf Club, Sheffield

Abbeydale Sports Club, Sheffield

Ace of Clubs, Chesterfield

Albion Road Working Mens Club, Rotherham

Alexandra Working Mens Club, Barnsley

Arkwright Town Miners Welfare Club, Chesterfield

Arundel Ex-Servicemens Club, Sheffield

Ashfield Working Mens Club, Barnsley

Aston Hall Cricket Club, Sheffield

Attercliffe Liberal Club, Sheffield

Bar Blah, Barnsley

Barlborough Miners Welfare Club, Chesterfield

Barleycorn Working Mens Club, Sheffield

Barnsley and District Conservative Club, Barnsley

Barnsley Central Working Mens Club, Barnsley

Barnsley Cricket Club, Barnsley

Barnsley Trades Council Club, Barnsley

Barrow Hill Memorial Club, Chesterfield

Barrow Working Mens Club, Barnsley

Barugh Green Working Mens Club, Barnsley

Beauchief Golf Club, Sheffield

Beauchief Tennis Club, Sheffield

Beighton Lifestyle Centre, Sheffield

Beighton Miners Welfare Club, Sheffield

Bellhouse Road Working Mens Club, Sheffield

Birch Hall Golf Club, Dronfield

Birdholme Working Mens Club, Chesterfield

Birdwell Venue, Barnsley

Bolsover Town Sports & Social Club (Coalite), Chesterfield

Bolton on Dearne Ex Servicemens Club, Rotherham

Bondhay Golf & Country Club, Worksop

Bondhey Golf & Country Club, Worksop

Bowbroom Working Mens Club, Mexborough

Bradgate Working Mens Club, Rotherham

Bramley Working Mens Club, Rotherham

Brampton Manor Country Club, Chesterfield

Brierley Village Club, Barnsley

Brimington Club, Chesterfield

Brinsworth Social Club, Rotherham

Brooklands Club, Rotherham

Bullet Sports & Social Club, Barnsley

Burlington Club, Rotherham

Caribbean Sports Football Club, Sheffield

Carlton & Smithies Ex Servicemens Club, Barnsley

Carlton Social Club, Sheffield

Carlton Village Working Mens Club, Barnsley

Carr Vale Working Mens Club, Chesterfield

Chapeltown Working Mens Club, Sheffield

Chaucer Social Club, Sheffield

Chesterfield Football Club (Pro Act Stadium), Chesterfield

Chesterfield Miners Welfare Club / Phoenix Suite, Chesterfield

Chesterfield Panthers Rugby Club, Chesterfield

Clay Cross Coronation Club, Chesterfield

Clowne & District Liberal Club, Chesterfield

Club Baize, Sheffield

Colley Working Mens Club, Sheffield

Concord Park Golf Club, Sheffield

Concord Sports Centre, Sheffield

Corner Pocket Snooker Club, Barnsley

Corner Pocket Snooker Club, Mexborough

Corner Pocket Snooker Club, Rotherham

Coronation Working Mens Club, Chesterfield

Crane Moor Working Mens Club, Sheffield

Crookes Social Club, Sheffield

Cudworth Industrial Sports & Social Club, Barnsley

Cudworth West End Club, Barnsley

Cudworth Working Mens Club, Barnsley

Dalton Progressive WM Club, Rotherham

Darfield Road Working Mens Club, Barnsley

Darfield Village Club, Barnsley

Darnall Horticultural & Floral Institute, Sheffield

Darnall Victory Club, Sheffield

Darton Liberal Club, Barnsley

De La Salle Sports & Social Club, Sheffield

Dodworth Central Social Club, Barnsley

Dodworth Miners Welfare Sports & Social Club, Barnsley

Doe Lea Social Club, Chesterfield

Dore & Totley Golf Club, Sheffield

Dore Masonic Hall, Sheffield

Dorothy Hyman Stadium, Barnsley

Dronfield Contact Club, Dronfield

Dronfield Pioneer Social Club, Dronfield

Dronfield Woodhouse Sports & Social Club, Dronfield

Earles Club, Sheffield

East Dene Social Club, Rotherham

East Dene Working Mens Club, Barnsley

East Herringthorpe Sports Club, Rotherham

Eckington Cricket Club, Sheffield

Eckington Miners Welfare Social Club, Sheffield

Elsecar Cricket & Social Club (The Pavilion), Barnsley

Farm Road Sports & Social Club, Sheffield

Firth Park Club, Sheffield

Frecheville Community Cricket Club, Sheffield

Gawber Road Working Mens Club, Barnsley

Gilroyd Social Club, Barnsley

Goals Soccer Centre Sheffield, Sheffield

Goldthorpe Reform Working Mens Club, Rotherham

Goldthorpe Union Jack Memorial Club, Rotherham

Gosforth Fields Sports Pavilion,

Grange Park Golf Club, Rotherham

Grassmoor Golf Centre, Chesterfield

Grassmoor Working Mens Club, Chesterfield

Greasbrough Working Mens Club, Rotherham

Grimethorpe Working Mens Club (Old Club), Barnsley

Grosvenor Casino Sheffield, Sheffield

Hallam Football Club, Sheffield

Hallam Grange Lawn Tennis Club, Sheffield

Hallamshire Golf Club, Sheffield

Hallamshire Tennis & Squash Club, Sheffield

Hallowes Golf Club, Dronfield

Handsworth Junior Sporting Club, Sheffield

Handsworth Social Club, Sheffield

Harborough Hill Working Mens Club, Barnsley

Harthill Leisure Centre, Sheffield

Hartley House Social Club, Sheffield

High Green Working Mens Club, Sheffield

High Street Working Mens Club, Barnsley

Highgate Working Mens Club, Rotherham

Highgate Working Mens Club, Rotherham

Hillsborough Golf Club, Sheffield

Hillsborough Social Club, Sheffield

Hillsborough Sports Arena, Sheffield

Hillsborough Stadium Events (Sheffield Wednesday), Sheffield

Hilltop Sports & Social Club, Dronfield

Holme Lea (Handsworth Working Mens Club), Sheffield

Holmewood Miners Welfare Institute, Chesterfield

Hoyland Belmont Working Mens Club, Barnsley

Hoyland Nether Working Mens Club, Barnsley

Hoyland Working Mens Club, Barnsley

HSBC Sports & Social Club, Sheffield

Hustlers Sports Bar & Snooker Hall, Sheffield

Ings Lane Sports & Social Club, Rotherham

Jump Working Mens Club, Barnsley

Kexborough Social Club, Barnsley

Killamarsh Cricket Club, Sheffield

Killamarsh Sports Centre, Sheffield

Kilnhurst Working Mens Club, Mexborough

Kilton Forest Golf Club, Worksop

Klondyke Working Mens Club, Barnsley

La Plata Social Club, Sheffield

Laycock Sports Club, Sheffield

Lees Hall Golf Club, Sheffield

LNER Athletic Social Club, Mexborough

Locke Park Club, Barnsley

Lowood Club, Sheffield

Loxley Driving Range, Sheffield

Lundwood Social Club, Barnsley

Maltby Catholic Working Mens Club, Rotherham

Maltby Miners Welfare Institute, Rotherham

Maltby Progressive Club (The Slip), Rotherham

Manor Estate Social Club, Sheffield

Manton Colliery Athletic Club, Worksop

Masbrough Sports & Social Club, Rotherham

Mastin Moor Miners Welfare Club, Chesterfield

Mexborough Masonic Hall, Mexborough

Mexborough Miners Welfare & Athletic Club, Mexborough

Mexborough Working Mens Club, Mexborough

Monk Bretton Working Mens Club, Barnsley

Moor View Golf Centre, Sheffield

Mosborough Miners Welfare Club, Sheffield

Nether Edge Bowling Club, Sheffield

Nether Edge Club, Sheffield

Nether Green Working Mens Club, Sheffield

New Lodge Working Mens Club, Barnsley

New Tupton Social Club, Chesterfield

New Whittington Social Institute, Chesterfield

Newbold Working Mens Club, Chesterfield

North Anston Working Mens Club, Sheffield

North East Derbyshire Snooker Centre, Chesterfield

North Wingfield Community Resource Centre, Chesterfield

North Wingfield Miners Welfare Club, Chesterfield

North Wingfield Working Mens Club, Chesterfield

Norton House Country Club, Sheffield

Oaks Working Mens Club, Barnsley

Over Park Gardeners Club, Sheffield

Oxcroft Miners Welfare Social Club, Chesterfield

Penistone Church Football Club, Sheffield

Philadelphia Function Suite (WMC), Sheffield

Phoenix Sports & Social Club, Rotherham

Polish Ex-Servicemens Club, Sheffield

Polish Social Centre, Barnsley

Ponds Forge International Sports Centre, Sheffield

Poolsbrook Social Welfare Club, Chesterfield

Powerleague Barnsley (Vida), Barnsley

Powerleague Sheffield, Sheffield

Proact Stadium, Chesterfield

Queens Social Club, Sheffield

Rawmarsh Progressive Sports and Social Club, Rotherham

Rawmarsh Trades & Labour Club, Rotherham

Reach Club, Rotherham

Renishaw Miners Welfare Social Club, Sheffield

Ridgeway Sports & Social Club, Sheffield

Rother Valley Golf Centre, Sheffield

Rotherham Golf Club, Rotherham

Rotherham Rail Staff Social Club, Rotherham

Rotherham Trades Club, Rotherham

Rotherham Transport Sports & Social Club, Rotherham

Rotherham United Football Club (New York Stadium), Rotherham

Roundwood Golf Sports & Social Club, Rotherham

Rowthorne Lane Social Club, Chesterfield

Royal British Legion Chesterfield, Chesterfield

Royal British Legion Sheffield, Sheffield

Royston Midland Working Mens Club, Barnsley

Saltergate Social Club, Chesterfield

Sandhill Golf Club, Barnsley

Shafton Village Working Mens Club, Barnsley

Shaw Lane Sports Club, Barnsley

Sheffield Deaf Sports & Social Club, Sheffield

Sheffield Lane Working Mens Club, Sheffield

Sheffield Tigers Rugby Club, Sheffield

Sheffield Trades & Labour Club, Sheffield

Sheffield Transport Sports Club, Sheffield

Shiregreen Working Mens Club, Sheffield

Shireoaks Miners Welfare & Sports Club, Worksop

Silkstone Golf Club, Barnsley

Silverdale Social Club, Sheffield

Silverwood Miners Welfare, Rotherham

Snydale Road Sports & Social Club, Barnsley

Southey Social Club, Sheffield

St Josephs Parish Centre, Worksop

St Michaels Club, Sheffield

Staincross Working Mens Club, Barnsley

Staveley Miners Social & Cricket Club, Chesterfield

Stocksbridge & District Club & Institute, Sheffield

Stocksbridge Rugby Club, Sheffield

Swaithe Main Working Mens Club, Barnsley

Swallownest Miners Welfare Social Club, Sheffield

Swinton Masonic Hall, Mexborough

Swinton Working Mens Club, Mexborough

Tapton (Masonic) Hall, Sheffield

The Akademy, Dronfield

The Ashlea Club, Chesterfield

The Eastwood View (ex Working Mens Club), Rotherham

The Hillsborough Club, Sheffield

The Vic (Swinton Victoria Club), Mexborough

The Woodlands Club, Rotherham

Thorncliffe Sports & Community Club, Sheffield

Thrybergh Park (Rotherham) Golf Course , Rotherham

Thrybergh Top Club (Working Mens Club), Rotherham

Thurnscoe Ex-Servicements Club (The Clog), Rotherham

Thurnscoe Working Mens Club, Rotherham

Treeton Miners Welfare Club, Rotherham

Union Jack Memorial Club, Rotherham

Unity Dearne Club, Rotherham

Victoria Club & Institute, Chesterfield

Wadsley Bridge Working Mens Club (ex Sheffield Lane), Sheffield

Wales Jubilee Social Club, Sheffield

Walkley Working Mens Club, Sheffield

Ward Green Working Mens Club, Barnsley

Wath Cricket Club, Sheffield

Wath Rugby Club, Rotherham

Wath Sports & Social Club, Rotherham

West Green Working Mens Club, Barnsley

Wharncliffe Silkstone Club, Barnsley

Whitwell Social Club (The Jackups), Worksop

Wickersley Social Club, Rotherham

Wombwell (Hillies) Golf Club (Pavilion), Barnsley

Wombwell Cricket Club, Barnsley

Wombwell Working Mens Club, Barnsley

Woodhouse Mill Working Mens Club, Sheffield

Woodhouse West End Working Mens Club, Sheffield

Woodseats Working Mens Club, Sheffield

Worksop Cricket and Sports Club, Worksop

Worksop Masonic Hall, Worksop

Worksop Miners Welfare Club, Worksop

Worksop Rugby Club, Worksop

Worksop Town Football Club, Worksop

Wortley Golf Club, Sheffield

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