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44Two Sports & Social Club, Gillingham

Aylesford Bulls Rugby Club (Jack Williams Ground), Aylesford

Aylesford Village Club, Aylesford

Balmoral Masonic Hall, Gillingham

Bearsted Golf Club, Maidstone

Bearsted Lodge (Maidstone Masonic Centre / Cornwallis Suite), Maidstone

Bonds, Sheerness

Borstal Cricket Club, Rochester

Boughton Monchelsea Social Club, Maidstone

Brasenose Club & Institute, Gillingham

Brompton Social Club, Gillingham

Chatham Working Mens Club, Chatham

Cliffe Mens Social Club, Rochester

Cliffe Village Club, Rochester

Cobdown Sports & Social Club, Aylesford

Cobtree Manor Park Golf Club, Maidstone

Cuxton Social Club, Strood

East Farleigh Social Club, Maidstone

East Malling Institute, West Malling

Faversham Cricket Club (Macknade), Faversham

Faversham Golf Club, Faversham

Faversham Town Football Club, Faversham

Gillingham Anchorians Hockey Club, Gillingham

Gillingham Anchorians Rugby Club, Gillingham

Gillingham Football Club (Priestfield Stadium), Gillingham

Gillingham Golf Club, Gillingham

Gillingham Labour Club, Gillingham

Gillingham Masonic Centre, Gillingham

Gillingham Smallholders Club, Gillingham

Gore Court Cricket Club & Sittingbourne Rugby Club, Sittingbourne

Halfway Conservative Hall, Sheerness

Ham Hill Working Mens Club, Snodland

Higham Village Club (WMC), Rochester

Hoo Village Institute, Rochester

Invicta Social Club, Chatham

Isle of Sheppey Sailing Club, Sheerness

K Sports Football Club (ex APM), Aylesford

Kent Boat and Ski Club, Strood

Kings Hill Golf Club, West Malling

Kings Rochester Sports Centre, Rochester

Lenham Social Club, Maidstone

Lordswood Bowling Centre & Snooker Hall, Chatham

Lordswood Leisure Centre, Chatham

Lordswood Sports & Social Club, Chatham

Maidstone Civil Service Club, Maidstone

Maidstone Hockey Club, Maidstone

Maidstone Leisure Centre, Maidstone

Maidstone Rugby Club (Mote Park), Maidstone

Maidstone United Football Club, Maidstone

Maidstone Working Mens Club, Maidstone

Medway Rugby Club, Rochester

Milton Regis Conservative Club, Sittingbourne

Minster Working Mens Club (Liberty Hall), Sheerness

Mote Park Indoor Bowls Club, Maidstone

Newtown Social Club, Strood

Oast Park Golf Club, Snodland

Palm Cottage Social Club, Gillingham

Queenborough Social Club, Queenborough

Rainham Cricket Club, Gillingham

Rainham Mark Social Club, Gillingham

Rainham Social Club, Gillingham

Rainham United Services Club, Gillingham

Rochester Masonic Hall, Rochester

Rochester Social Club, Rochester

Rodmersham Cricket & Hockey Club, Sittingbourne

Rodmersham Squash Club, Sittingbourne

Roffen Club, Rochester

Roko Gillingham, Gillingham

Royal British Legion Aylesford, Aylesford

Royal British Legion Gillingham, Gillingham

Royal British Legion Parkwood, Maidstone

Sheerness Co-operative Sports & Social Club, Sheerness

Sheerness Conservative Club, Sheerness

Sheerness East Working Mens Club, Sheerness

Sheerness Golf Club, Sheerness

Sheerness Masonic Hall, Sheerness

Sheppey Rugby Club, Sheerness

Sheppey Sports Club, Sheerness

Sittingbourne & Milton Regis Golf Club, Sittingbourne

Sittingbourne (Oast) Golf Centre, Sittingbourne

Sittingbourne Snooker Club, Sittingbourne

Smallholders Club, Gillingham

Snodland Working Mens Club, Snodland

St Marys Social Club (Irish Club), Gillingham

Star Meadow Sports Club (Hollands and Blair FC), Gillingham

Stone Street Club, Maidstone

Strood Leisure Centre, Strood

Sturdee Avenue Social & Bowling Club, Gillingham

Temple Farm Working Mens Club, Strood

The Franklin Rooms, Gillingham

The Ivy, Sheerness

The Ridge Golf Club, Maidstone

The Teston Club, Maidstone

The Village Sports & Social Club (ex-BAE), Rochester

Tovil Working Mens Club, Maidstone

UK Paper Leisure Club, Sittingbourne

Victoria Working Mens Club, Sheerness

Wainscott Institute Club, Strood

Walnut Tree Club, Gillingham

Warren Wood Social Club, Rochester

Wateringbury WM Club, Maidstone

West Malling Golf Club, West Malling

Westborough Club, Maidstone

Woodcoombe Sports & Social Club, Sittingbourne

Woodstock Sports & Social Club, Sittingbourne

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