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clubs shows halls for which we have an exact position

Agricultural Hall, Penrith

Appleby Eden Cricket Club, Appleby in Westmorland

Appleby Golf Club, Appleby in Westmorland

Aspatria Rugby Club, Wigton

Bassenthwaite Sailing Club, Cockermouth

Beacon Social Club, Penrith

Brampton Conservative Club, Brampton

Brampton Golf Club, Brampton

Brigham & District Social Club, Cockermouth

Carlisle Conservative Club, Carlisle

Carlisle Cricket Club, Carlisle

Carlisle Ex-Servicemens Club, Carlisle

Carlisle Golf Club, Carlisle

Carlisle Masonic Hall , Carlisle

Carlisle Racecourse, Carlisle

Carlisle Railway Club, Carlisle

Carlisle RAOB Club, Carlisle

Carlisle Rugby Club, Carlisle

Carlisle United FC, Carlisle

Carlisle Working Mens Club, Carlisle

Cleator Moor Celtic Football Club, Cleator Moor

Club Britannia, Carlisle

Cockermouth Conservative Club, Cockermouth

Cockermouth Cricket Club, Cockermouth

Cockermouth Leisure Centre, Cockermouth

Cockermouth Rugby Club, Cockermouth

Creighton Rugby Club, Carlisle

Dalston Bowling Club, Carlisle

Denton Holme WM Cons Club, Carlisle

Derwent Club, Keswick

Distington Rugby Club, Workington

Eden Golf Course, Carlisle

Egremont Catholic Club (Laal Club), Egremont

Egremont Rugby Club, Egremont

Ellen Vale Lodge #7375 (Aspatria Masonic Hall), Wigton

Falcon Club, Egremont

Flimby Sports & Social Club (ex WMC), Maryport

Frenchfields Sports Ground, Penrith

Glasson Rangers Rugby Club, Maryport

Gospatric Lodge #5286 (Workington Masonic Hall), Workington

Grasslot Welfare Sports & Social Club, Maryport

Gunners Club, Workington

Harraby Catholic Club, Carlisle

Harrington Social & WM Club, Workington

Hensingham Rugby Club, Whitehaven

Keswick Conservative Club, Keswick

Keswick Labour Club, Keswick

Keswick Masonic Hall, Keswick

Keswick Rugby Club, Keswick

Kirkby Stephen Sports & Social Club, Kirkby Stephen

Knights of St Columba Club, Cleator Moor

Longtown Social Club, Carlisle

Lowca Rugby Club, Whitehaven

Lowca Social Club, Whitehaven

Marchon Sports & Social Club, Whitehaven

Maryport Rugby Club, Maryport

Maryport Social Club, Maryport

Mirehouse Labour Social Club, Whitehaven

Moor Row Working Mens Club, Moor Row

Moorclose Sports & Leisure Centre, Workington

Moresby Rugby Club, Whitehaven

Moresby Sports & Social Club, Whitehaven

Netherhall Old Boys Rugby Club, Maryport

Netherhall Rugby Club, Maryport

Penrith Conservative Club, Penrith

Penrith Cricket Club, Penrith

Penrith Rugby Club, Penrith

Pirelli Social Club, Carlisle

Royal British Legion Appleby, Appleby in Westmorland

Royal British Legion Cockermouth, Cockermouth

Royal British Legion Distington, Workington

Royal British Legion Egremont, Egremont

Royal British Legion Frizington, Frizington

Royal British Legion Harrington, Workington

Royal British Legion Penrith, Penrith

Royal British Legion Seaton, Workington

Royal British Legion Whitehaven (Kells), Whitehaven

Royal British Legion Workington, Workington

Royal British Legion Workington, Workington

Seaton Rangers Rugby Club, Workington

Silloth Social Club, Wigton

Silloth Street Social Club, Carlisle

Southend Constitutional Club, Carlisle

St Augustines Social Club, Carlisle

St Bees (School) Golf Club, St Bees

St Marys Catholic Club, Whitehaven

Station Road Working Mens Club, Workington

Tebay Sports Social & Railway Club, Penrith

The Legion Bransty, Whitehaven

The Oval Centre, Workington

The Warehouse, Penrith

Trades Hall Social Club, Workington

Union Jack Club, Workington

Upper Eden Rugby Club, Kirkby Stephen

Upperby Mens Institute, Carlisle

Wath Brow Hornets Rugby Club, Cleator

West Cumbria Trades Hall Centre Workington, Workington

Whitehaven Catholic Mens Society, Whitehaven

Whitehaven Conservative Club, Whitehaven

Whitehaven Cricket Club, Whitehaven

Whitehaven Golf Club, Whitehaven

Whitehaven Miners & Social Club, Whitehaven

Whitehaven Rugby Club (Haven Club), Whitehaven

Whitehaven Rugby League Supporters Club (Haven Club), Whitehaven

Wigton Bowling Club, Wigton

Wigton Rugby Club, Wigton

Workington Cricket Club, Workington

Workington Labour Club, Workington

Workington Railway Club, Workington

Workington Rugby Club (Zebras), Workington

Halls for hire in Alston ( CA9 )

Halls for hire in Appleby-in-Westmorland ( CA16 )

Halls for hire in Beckermet ( CA21 )

Halls for hire in Brampton ( CA8 )

Halls for hire in Carlisle ( CA1 CA2 CA3 CA4 CA5 CA6 )

Halls for hire in Cleator ( CA23 )

Halls for hire in Cleator Moor ( CA25 )

Halls for hire in Cockermouth ( CA13 )

Halls for hire in Egremont ( CA22 )

Halls for hire in Frizington ( CA26 )

Halls for hire in Holmrook ( CA19 )

Halls for hire in Keswick ( CA12 )

Halls for hire in Kirkby Stephen ( CA17 )

Halls for hire in Maryport ( CA15 )

Halls for hire in Moor Row ( CA24 )

Halls for hire in Penrith ( CA10 CA11 )

Halls for hire in Ravenglass ( CA18 )

Halls for hire in Seascale ( CA20 )

Halls for hire in St Bees ( CA27 )

Halls for hire in Whitehaven ( CA28 )

Halls for hire in Wigton ( CA7 )

Halls for hire in Workington ( CA14 )

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