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Accrington & District Golf Club, Accrington

Accrington Cricket & Tennis Club, Accrington

Accrington Masonic Hall (Adelaide Suite), Accrington

AFC Darwen, Darwen

Audley Working Mens Club, Blackburn

Barnoldswick Conservative Club, Barnoldswick

Barnoldswick Cricket Club, Barnoldswick

Barrowford Working Mens Club, Nelson

Baxenden and District Golf Club, Accrington

Baxenden Conservative Club, Accrington

Baxenden Cricket Club, Accrington

Beechwood Road Working Mens Club, Blackburn

Belvedere & Calder Vale Sports Club, Burnley

Billington & Whalley Brass Band Club, Clitheroe

Blackburn Golf Club, Blackburn

Blackburn Northern Sports Club, Blackburn

Blackburn Railway Club, Blackburn

Blackburn Rovers Football Club (Ewood Park Blues Bar), Blackburn

Blackburn Rugby Club, Blackburn

Blackburn Sports & Leisure Centre, Blackburn

Bold St Working Mens Social Club, Accrington

Bolton Road Conservative Club, Darwen

Bridge St Sports & Social Club (ICI), Darwen

Briercliffe Social Club, Burnley

Brierfield Working Mens Club, Nelson

Brooks Club, Accrington

Burnley Boys Club, Burnley

Burnley Cricket Club, Burnley

Burnley Football Club (Turf Moor) (1882 Lounge), Burnley

Burnley Golf Club, Burnley

Burnley League Social Club, Burnley

Burnley Masonic Hall (Nelson House), Burnley

Burnley Miners Social Club, Burnley

Burnley Road Bowling Club, Accrington

Burnley Rugby Club, Burnley

Byerden House Socialist Society Club, Burnley

Canine Working Mens Club, Accrington

Cherry Tree Cricket and Tennis Club, Blackburn

Church & Oswaldtwistle Cricket Club, Accrington

Clayton-le-Moors Freemasons Hall, Accrington

Clitheroe Conservative Club, Clitheroe

Clitheroe Cricket Bowling & Tennis Club, Clitheroe

Clitheroe Rugby Club, Clitheroe

Clitheroe Social Club, Clitheroe

Colne & Nelson Rugby Club, Colne

Colne Cricket Club, Colne

Colne Golf Club, Colne

Crossfit Pendle, Nelson

Crow Wood Leisure, Burnley

Darwen Catholic Club, Darwen

Darwen Central Club, Darwen

Darwen Cricket Club, Darwen

Darwen Golf Club, Darwen

Darwen Masonic Hall (Hawkshaw Suite), Darwen

Darwen Subscription Bowling Club, Darwen

Earby Conservative Club, Barnoldswick

East Lancashire Cricket Club, Blackburn

Enfield Cricket Club, Accrington

Ewood Park Working Mens Club, Blackburn

Feniscowles & Pleasington Sports & Social Club, Blackburn

Free Gardeners Working Mens Club, Blackburn

Full Edge Conservative WM Club, Burnley

Furthergate Working Mens Club, Blackburn

Ghyll Golf Club, Barnoldswick

Globe Bowling & Billiards Club, Accrington

Great Harwood Cricket Club, Blackburn

Green Haworth Golf Club, Accrington

Green Street Sports & Social Club, Burnley

Guide Conservative Club, Blackburn

Haslingden Bowling Club, Rossendale

Haslingden Cricket Club, Rossendale

Haslingden St Marys Football Club, Rossendale

Haslingden Trades Club, Rossendale

Highfield Working Mens Club, Darwen

Hoddlesden Conservative Club, Darwen

Hollins Grove Conservative Club, Darwen

Ighten Leigh Social Club, Burnley

Ighten Mount Bowling Club, Burnley

Irish Democratic League Club (Land League Haslingden Davitt), Rossendale

Kokos, Burnley

KSC 110 Club, Burnley

Langho Football Sports & Country Club, Blackburn

Leisure Hour Working Mens Club, Blackburn

Longshaw Sports & Social Club, Blackburn

Loveclough Working Mens Social Club, Rossendale

Low Moor Club, Clitheroe

Lowerhouse Cricket Club, Burnley

Lowerhouse Mills Social Club, Burnley

Marl Pits Sports & Social Club, Rossendale

Marsden Park Golf Course, Nelson

Mill Hill Working Mens Club, Blackburn

Nelson Cricket Club, Nelson

Old Blackburnians Football Club, Blackburn

Orchard Working Mens Institute, Blackburn

Oswaldtwistle Social & Conservative Club (The Ossy), Accrington

Padiham Football Club, Burnley

Padiham Working Mens Club, Burnley

Paradise Working Mens Club, Burnley

Parkview Working Mens Club, Accrington

Platt Social Club, Accrington

Pleasington Golf Club, Blackburn

Poplar Social Club (Pop Club), Accrington

Powerleague Blackburn (ex JJB Soccer Dome), Blackburn

Prairie Sports Village, Burnley

Rawtenstall Cricket Club, Rossendale

Rawtenstall Masonic Hall, Rossendale

Read Cricket & Bowling Club, Burnley

Rishton Conservative Club, Blackburn

Rishton Cricket Club, Blackburn

Rishton Free Gardeners Club, Blackburn

Rishton Golf Club, Blackburn

Rolls-Royce Leisure Barnoldswick, Barnoldswick

Rosegrove Railway Club (LMRCA), Burnley

Rosegrove Unity WM Club, Burnley

Rossendale Golf Club, Rossendale

Rossendale Masonic Hall, Rossendale

Rossendale RAOB Club, Rossendale

Rossendale Rugby Club, Rossendale

Rossendale Sports Club, Rossendale

Rossendale United Social Club, Rossendale

Royal British Legion Clitheroe, Clitheroe

Royal British Legion Colne, Colne

Samlesbury Sports & Social Club (Canberra Club), Blackburn

St Albans Social Club, Blackburn

St Marks Conservative Club, Blackburn

St Pauls Working Mens Institute, Blackburn

St Stephens Conservative Club, Blackburn

Stanhill Working Mens Club, Accrington

Stanley Street Social Club (The Stanley), Accrington

Sunnybank Social Club, Rossendale

Sydney Street Working Mens Club, Accrington

Towneley Golf Club, Burnley

Two Gates Bowling & Social Club, Darwen

United Irish League Working Mens Club, Burnley

Waddington Village Social Club, Clitheroe

Waterfoot Social Club, Rossendale

Well St Working Mens Club, Rossendale

Whalley Golf Club, Clitheroe

Wilpshire Golf Club, Blackburn

Worsthorne Social Club, Burnley

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